Fault in our Reviews

Hello everyone!

Haven’t really had the time to actually write here, but now that the schoolyear is over and I stumbled upon this blog again I decided to write to you about my thoughts on the Fault in Our Stars. 

I decided to read it somewhere around mid-May when I knew for sure when it was coming to the cinema here in Pärnu and we have a new cinema so I thought I’d really want to check it out, but I’m the kind of girl that likes to read the books before seeing the movie. If it’s a good book. I mean I’ve never read Twilight, but I have seen the movie. I also wanted to read it because the author John Green is a youtuber and I have great respect for youtubers that have kind of like ‘made it’ in other things than just youtube.

So I started reading and as I read I got so stuck in it like I just couldn’t stop reading it and I loved the story because it’s so real and down to earth with it’s sometimes gory details. As I read on I kind of got scared to end it. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted this book to go on forever, but it didn’t and after finishing it I was just laying in my bed with a tear running down the side of my face and just feeling rather empty. Good books can do that to you. They take you in  and when they end they just leave you there wondering what just happened.

The movie I went to see with my boyfriend obviously. Put on waterproof mascara and took lots of napkins with me. And thank god I did. I think I’ve never cried so much in 2 hours and with the movie also as it went on I was feeling scared of how it goes on because I knew I was going to cry again and again because I had read the book and I knew all of the sad things that were about to happen and so I cried even more. 

It was just sad in all of its little infinity and even my bf cried.. Like a lot, but I can’t judge him as I was seriously making a pond around me myself.

In conclusion I have to say that I loved both the book and the movie and I suggest it to everyone, because it really made me realize how much I love and appreciate the people that are around me. 

Seriously get the book, read the book and watch the movie!

Hope you have a nice day and I’ll write when I have something to write! 😉


The Perks of Being a Review (Wallflower)

I haven’t written in awhile, but I decided it’s time now and I need to write even if just for the sake of getting my thoughts out of my head.

A few months back I finally read “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” because my tumblr dash was full of posts about it and I had to see what the fuss was all about. Needless to say I absolutely loved it. It was my kind of a book in the matter that the writing style was so me and I would express myself in my thoughts in the same way. It was so very understandable to me to read and it was also so very relevant that it even scared me a little. I have never found a character so like me as Charlie. We think alike and we like the same kind of things.

I was amazed to find that Charlie loved The Smiths song Asleep. I also love it oh so very much and have loved it since I found out about the song when I found that my favourite songstress Emilie Autumn had made a cover of it. I would just listen to it on repeat .

Also when I saw that he was reading “To kill a mockingbird” I was like whoa, I’ve been meaning to read that for some time now. (Not enough of an amazment still to get me to actually read it).

We have both known someone who ended their life in suicide. Not the best kind of a thing to have in common though, but the feelings were the same. Not understanding and just wishing that there would’ve been some kind of a note explaining why. 

All in all it was a very very pleasant reading experience and I do understand the fuss now as it is just purely brilliant. Just now I also finished watching the movie which was also brilliant. Usually it can be said that the books are better than the movies, but with Perks I’d disagree as both the book and the movie were fantastic.

Now I’m really thinking about buying myself the actual book in English as first I loaned it from the library and read it in Estonian, but I think it would be a good book to keep on my shelf and read with the original words.

I promise that in the future there will be an update on my life and also other hopefully interesting posts to come. 🙂


An update.


So I know I haven’t posted in quite awhile and I don’t have an actual reason behind it. I’ve just been quite lazy honestly. Not that much has happened actually, but I thought to share it anyways.

So during Christmas holidays I mostly stayed at my boyfriends place. I didn’t get a lot of gifts and I haven’t actually gotten one yet. My parents wanted to get me the camera I want, but money was and still is kinda tight so we’ll see if they can maybe get it for me for my birthday that is on 18th of February. Anyways I still do appreciate the thought and even knowing that they want to get it for me makes me happy. Other than that I got knitted socks from my grandmother, some lingerie, slippers, cotton tights(always nice for the winter and spring when I wanna start wearing skirts), a really fluffy dress thing from my boyfriend that I love wearing around the house and I feel like I got something more, but my brain is being a douche canoe and I really can’t remember and it’s making me rather frustrated. -__- Well I got things.. Nothing special, but things and practical things. Acutally gifting practical and useful things is very popular in our family. 🙂 For my boyfriend I got two black tshirts as he wanted those and three 2liter bottles of his favourite lemonade. He was so surpsised when he saw there were three big bottles of it and it was totally worth it. For my bestfriend I got two pairs of fluffy socks which were actually really inexpensive and three 100pastille catridges of TicTac as she has an obsession. The rest of my holidays were pretty boring. Played some WoW and watched loads of TV and obsessed over some tea that my festie got me. It’s green tea with all sorts of dried flower petals and it’s so nice with just a teaspoon of sugar.

In the beginning of January aka the 2 of January me and my boyfriend had our two year anniversary. We didn’t really get each other anything and we spent it making some salad and having a tiny dinner together. In January I also discovered a new show American Horror Story and I fell in love with, it though it might be because of the male actor in it Evan Peters. He’s just so beautiful and now I’m totally waiting for October because it’s gonna start again then. I also got sick with stomach flu and had to stay home for a day and the next day  came home from school early as I wasn’t feeling well. During those days I started listening to Lana Del Rey and now I can’t get over her. At first I didn’t like her that much, but now I’m like she’s awesome and her songs are awesome and it’s awesome that I can sing her songs as she has such a low contralto voice and I do too and I can’t sing all the songs I want. Well I can, but it sounds tacky and weird because if there’s a part that goes higher than what I’m used to then it does not sound good. So it’s nice to discover songs that I can sing as when I was younger I always wanted to be a singer and though I gave up on that thought as I realized that I’m shy as hell and that’ll just never happen in reality I still do like to sing sometimes when I’m on my own.

Yesterday we had our two years and one month anniversary and I had been thinking about playing minecraft again and apparently my boyfriend had been thinking the same thing so we decided to do it and we literally played minecraft the whole day. Though I got mad at one point because the server we were on had huge douchebags and we teleported to a desert kind of a place and then I saw somekind of a building and we went there and suddenly some guys just totally killed us for no reason at all and they killed our dogs and tokk all of our stuff and then we respawned went to our home just to find that someone had looted our chests and we had no idea ow to make them private. I was so freggin mad, but well we found ourselves a new place and made a supercute house and a tiny field and we got ourselves a cow and a chicken and all is good again though my boyfriend found that we can play together with some kind of a LAN option also so that made me pretty happy again and yeah. That’s litterally how boring we are. 😀

Today I again watched some videos on youtube from my favourite youtubers. I might make a link list of them on the sidebar as I really love Yotube and wathcing those Youtubers and they always inspire me to start making videos myself also, but I still don’t have a camera and then that makes me want it even more I guess, but I thought that maybe I’ll start like making blogposts about the stuff that I’d want to make videos of like my favourite products and apps and things and all sorts of stuff like that and I’ll just do that until Iget a camera and the courage to actually put something out there. I’m excited though I won’t be making any promises about it as I’m bad at upholding promises about blogging, but I will try. 

Connected to that I think that I sohuld maybe think about promoting this blog a little more and making it look more awesome as I really want it to work out well. 🙂

Bye for now! ^^

PS: sorry for the long post. Here’s one of my favourite songs from Lana Del Rey:

As it begins to conquer me..


So I did make one of my ideas true. I started playing WoW again and it’s awesome.. At least until my head hurts from the headphones and I don’t know anymore what to do next and I just log off. Right now I’m a level 13 Blood Elf Mage and yes ofcourse I’m in Horde, though I have thought about trying out the Alliance also, because I want to see where the Alliance people end up after creating their characters. 

If vanyone wants to know then I’m playing in Molten-WoW and usually in the Frostwolf realm if ane like the first anyone would like to play with me. 

It’s really fun. I actually want to play it with my boyfriend and WoW would be the first time when I actually have played the game before and my bf is kind of a noob in it still, tho he still tries to teach me stuff and I’m like: “Yes I know, would you sush it now. I’m playing!” Yeah I have a tiny bit ow evil in me, but who doesn’t. 

I actually played quite a bit wow over the past two days, because I was sick and my bf still is sick and I was at his place and he has a better computer than I do so ofcourse I took advantage of it and derped out behind the computer for quite some hours. When I got home I tried it out also and on the lowest setting everything’s okay so I can play and it’s not that awful as I play it in a window and the window is not fullscreen and everything looks smaller, so yeah it looks ok. Not as okay as in my bf’s computer, but good enough.

I really like wow, but there are some little irritating things. For one the maps are so fucking big and even in the cities it takes so much time to get from one room to another. I also have an issue with how freggin slow the characters are. I mean the maps are big enough so it’d be nice if the character would atleast move faster. 

Oh well. Atleast the good thing right now is that when I’m happy I’m really happy and energetic and I feel okay and even okay with the social world. But I’ll now go do some research on my wow stuff so that I can later game without thinking how the hell I’m gonna make a potion with my Alchemy profession.

Bye! =)

An update and thoughts on Doctor Who



So my schoolyear has started and the first week was not that easy. It’s probably also because this summer was pretty awful here where I live. We didn’t get alot of sun and it was really really rainy most of the time and so I didn’t really get charged up and I can feel it, because I’m really tired most of the time and I feel kind of weak. But I got through it and the new week is starting tomorrow with the official timetable now and I have to admit that I don’t really like it. I even liked the one we had last week more, but I’ll see how it goes.

I’ve gotten lots of ideaflashes. I have ideas of sewing collars and pants and shirts and skirts and then I have ideas of making some jewelry by crocheting or making them out of clay and I gave a try for drawing. I have quite a lot of ideas, but I don’t have the motivation or the money to start working on them. I hope it gets better though. Also an idea was to start making videos on Youtube, but I’m still brewing that idea because I don’t know exactly what I would post and if anyone would be interested, because if I would actually get viewers then I would be motivated to go on with it, but if it would stay as just a thing that I do and no one watches then I know I’ll lose the confidene and that will just die. Plus I don’t really have a nice camera to take videos with. I have my phone that has an awful camera, my boyfriends phone has a bit of a better camera, but still not decent and my family also has a Canon camera, but that eats batteries like crazy and I don’t know how good of a video quality it has. But yeah I really don’t know yet. 😀

I also had an idea of starting to play WOW.

Doctor Who started again.

I absolutely love Doctor Who and whenever someone disagrees with me on that topic and just can’t shut their mouth about it I can get a bit bitchy. 😀 I started watching it like about two years ago or so and I went through the first seasons of the new series like really fast and  now I’m on season 7. I actually watched the second episode just this morning. I have actually even considered watching the first series from the 60’s, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I must say that I’m quite bummed that the Ponds are leaving this season. I have totally grown to love them and they like had such interesting storylines like Amy being really important, because she had a crack in her wall that was actually a crack in time and space and then there was this big thing with River Song and they have just been so awesome and they have been so intertwined to the storyline. I do hope that River stays in the sho, because I love her. She’s so fisty and sassy and I wanna see more cute married couple arguing between her and the Doctor. I’m probably going to be really really skeptic about the new companion at first and I’ll probably even despise her a bit, because I’m not so sure that she can top off the Ponds. I know I want to say that she can’t top off the Ponds, but I don’t want to eat my words later on.

Well thats it for now. I’ll go brew my ideas a bit more and I’ll think what to write about next.

Bye! 🙂


The voice behind the screen

So this post will be a little bit about me. I’m not going to share my life story on here, but just write down some things I take interest in.

I really love cats!

I actually like animals in general and I’m all against animal abuse of any kind and I just like animals, especially cute fluffy animals, but I love cats. I have always had a strong connection with those felines. I have always had cats. Either in my home and if not here then still atleast two of them at the countryside. They are just so nice and smart and yes they can be very snobby, but that’s one thing that I love about them. I’m actually one of those people who think that the cats are smarter than dogs, because they’re independent. People say dogs are smarter because they are more social, but I don’t think that it makes you smart if you follow your master everywhere and do exactly as he says. Plus most dogs are not the kind that can find food on their own, even if they’re at the countryside. Cats are smart, because they can find food on their own, indoors cats know how to use their voice and cuteness well enough to make the human feed them and they are independent, they can be social, but they choose not to be and are when they want your attention not when you want their attention. I know that a lot of people don’t agree with me on this topic, but I don’t really care. Cats will always be more awesome in my eyes, tho I do like dogs and I’ve had two dogs. 🙂

I’m an Aquarius.

By now I have come to the conclusion that I’m not just weird because I’m weird, though that is a part of why I’m weird, but I’m also weird because I was born in the sign of Aquarius. I know five other people that I share my birthday with and they’re all kinda looney in their own ways. I know nine Aquariuses in total. Aquarius is a sign that is quite unique. We probably think like totally the other way that other people do and we see thing in our own way and at most times it leaves other people absolutely puzzled. My mum doesn’t understand the ways how my thoughts go most of the times and she’s been with me since I was born. And at the same time I have a best friend that I also share my birthday with. He’s a few years older than me and he’s like a brother to me because thus far he has always understood my thoughts and ideas. Gotta love him. But yeah I have considered that I should just introduce myself to new people like this: “Hello! My name is Ann. I’m an Aquarius.” 😀

I’m really proud of my English.

Yeah. Totally true. It’s just that so many people have given me heads up on this topic that I have started to see it myself and I’m convinced with it. I’m one of the best in my class in that lesson, though I secretly think that I am the best because I can speak quite fast, my pronounciation is very good and I have a British accent. Just a few days ago I once again got a compliment from a British person. He’s actually my favourite British person probably. Anyways he said: “Listening to her is like listening to BBC.” Now that was a big punch of confidence right in the face. 😀

I like watching series.

I watch many series that are actually quite different from one another. Here’s a list of what I watch:

  • Doctor Who
  • Skins (UK ofc)
  • Being Human (also UK)
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • True Blood
  • Gossip Girl
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Grey’s Anatomy (I watch it on TV)

That’s all I guess. Well I watch Fox Life also, but Grey’s Anatomy is probably the only series I actually enjoy watching on that channel.

I love music!

Like who doesn’t? I don’t really listen to just one genre of music. I take a bit from almost everything. My biggest favourites are HIM and Emilie Autumn. I admit that I like Lady Gaga’s first album. I’ll just make a list of some artists who’s works I have on my phone at the moment:

  • HIM
  • Emilie Autumn
  • The 69 Eyes
  • Bullet For My Valentine
  • Florence + The Machine
  • Guns N’ Roses
  • JMKE (Estonian punk band)
  • Lady Gaga
  • Marilyn Manson
  • The Smiths
  • Within Temptation

Now that’s just a list of what’s on my phone, but I actually love so many more bands and artists, but I don’t listen to all of them at the same time. I have periods when I listen to some banda more than others and in a few weeks it might be so that I have no intention or desire to listen to that band again.

I don’t wear outfits of a certain style.

Most of the time I actually just wear random clothes that I can find in my clset and that look good at that time and I agree that they look good on me. But sometimes I do try to channel a certain style like pin up or goth or punk or something like that. Mostly I just really pick something out on the go.

Other things about me.

  • I’m the laziest person I know.
  • I’m not consistant and my attention span is mostly maximum an hour for things like sewing.
  • I like making and eating food. 🙂
  • I really like experimenting with makeup and I like doing my makeup before I go out because it’s kind of like a ritual to me and just that bit of time that I have for myself to make myself happy.
  • Instead of going to a regular high school I want to go to a vocational school and become a baker.
  • Related to the previous one, I want to have my own bakery one day.
  • I like shopping for school supplies. Best part of going back to school. 🙂
  • I can’t go out without my phone.
  • I take most pictures with my phone or my boyfriends phone, because his phone has a better camera. 😛
  • I believe in aliens. I mean seriously. This universe is huge and it’s expanding and we don’t even actually know how huge the universe actually is so there’s no way that we are the only living things in this universe. Maybe the other living things don’t even need the same essentials that we do.
  • I’m more of a vampire person than werewolf person and I really don’t like Twilight. Don’t you even dare to tell me that that thing has vampires and werewolves, because they don’t. They have fairies that have gone batshit crazy and drinking blood and all and they have simple shapeshifters that are just so lame that they only have one shape.
  • I ramble a lot.


And I don’t really have anything else to say because at this point it’s not like anyone even reads this, but this is just an overview of the things that I like and that matter to me and the things that I’m most likely to write about. If anyone ever starts reading this then go ahead and give me another topic to talk about or something to watch and review. Anyways I’ll now start actually planning what I’m going to start writing about next.

Bybyeh! 🙂

The beginning of a thing.

Hello world of wordpress!

This is my new blog. I have two more blogs. One about my daily life and one about beauty and stuff like that, but no I will not link these here, because I just don’t want to. This is going to be something totally different. I will talk about things I like and about things that kind of in one or another way matter to me. I’ll probably write reviews of movies and books here and talk about awesome artists and talk about sites that I find interesting. This is going to be  about things that matter to me atleast on some level. I might even talk about my theories of how this planet could be a nicer place, because in real life I rage about that quite often, because I see so many flaws with this world and the people that live here, but there are nice things also that I like to rage about, like Doctor Who, Emilie Autumn, Van Helsing, “Harry Potter”, kitties and so on.

I’m not sure yet what this will become, but I hope it’ll be something good. It’ll be something for a bit of a geeky chick, but I’m not that sure if I’ll promote it within my circle of friends. I really don’t know. Maybe with some people. Actually I have no idea. I’ll just start writing and keep doing that.

About the name of the blog I must say that I didn’t really think about it a lot. At first I thought about Scarlet Dawn like the red dawn, but that name was not available so I remembered a weird combo with the word scarlet and that’s how it got to Scarlet Porcupine, but I mean the idea is cute. Red is one of my favourite colours and porcupines, especially baby porcupines are really cute and now think about those cute spiky animals in the colour of scarlet red. So very cute.

I will try to get a sidebar on this blog where I’ll make a list of links of pages that I check almost daily or from time to time, because I think they’re kinda cool/cute/awsum/something.

So right now I’ll go and work on that and then I’ll think about what I will post about first.

Bybyeh! 🙂